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NEW BOOK has reached publication!

Miami Spring - The Spear Point Murders

Tim’s NEW BOOK in publication as a First Edition!

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Cameron Bachrodt is a regular City of Miami robbery detective putting in his time and waiting for retirement. But during Calle Ocho the events that are so typical of Miami engulf him in a tide of intrigue and deception. People are being killed all around him and at first it looks like he might have gone bad. With help from FDLE Agents Randy Raikes and Catherine “Tomcat” Taylor, Cam, as he is called, follows a twisting path until he uncovers the truth. Set in real Miami locations he struggles to stop the killing before Ultra opens.

Theme Song:  Paperback Writer

Don’t forget these other books are also currently available! 

The Journey

The Journey

The Galaxy is at war, but the enemy attacks from hidden sites and causes great damage. To overcome this the Empire must find a place to draw the enemy out. A tantalizing Science Fiction book foundation to the coming future series of Tsurian Tails. It’s sales have only been through the web and now there are growing numbers of fans asking for more! More future! More Magic! More Tsur! Join Pike Jenson as he continues the journey of discovery, deceit, love and war that has been three generations of humanity in the making. Xul comes once again to a shining planet seeking whom he can devour and destroy as he makes his way through the universe!

Demons and Prophets

  Demons and Prophets

A stunning work of fiction; this is the tale of two prophets who must face Lucifer’s release and the forty-two days of terror and triumph that follow. The lost scroll of Daniel the Prophet has been found. The last Martyr has been slain. The last soul of God’s elect has been touched.

The Gospel – According to Timothy

The Gospel – According to Timothy

A clear and concise telling of The Good News, in 10 easy to understand lessons from the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Small enough to carry anywhere, not only does this volume contain the Gospel but also a ready reference of the scriptures on which we base our faith. You’ll find this book invaluable whether you are a new Christian or a mature follower of Christ.

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My publisher is at it again! MIAMI SPRING will be featured at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books! I love these guys! #MiamiSpring

Posted by Tim Tuohy on Thursday, January 21, 2016